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tv   SJSU Update News  KICU  March 10, 2013 1:30am-3:00am PDT

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i'm chris chandler live on campus....chandler live on will students be affected by proposed transportation changes for st.james park. ....i'll have a live report the african american studies department is changing...we will tell you how and the san jose state men's basketball team did not start last night's game we will tell you what happend. update news starts now...
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hello and welcome to update news... i'm ingrid almaraz. and i'm melody gnzales... thanks for joining us. we have a developing story regarding the san jose state men's basketball team. just before the start of thursday night's game against the university of texas at san antonio...the events center roof began leaking. rain drops splashed onto the basketball court. staff members attempted to cover up the leaks which were coming in from several spots. there was even an attempt to cover the roof. but school officials deemed the court too dangerous for game play. according to spartan athletics it will be up to the wac conference front office whether the game will be replayed. we'll have more about the basketball team coming up on sports later in this newscast. the african- american studies department is going to be experiencing some big changes next year. update news' reporter tiffani tofani says while the decades old program will be is definitely will remain on campus.
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" the african-american studies department has been at san jose state university for 44 years... "i just feel stronger as an african american women, not only a student, just, ya know, a person in general and i think that major had a lot to do with it." but recently, the department has seen a drop in student enrollment the dean of social sciences, sheila bienenfeld, says they are considering a merge between african-american studies and a more sustainable department... "we've had a lot of success where we have programs that are not able to sustain themselves as full departments, where they join together and become part of a bigger department." bienenfeld says that african-american student enrollment in general is low, however... "we will continue to have african-american studies on this campus and in this college, and we hope it will grow." the dean adds that this fall, freshman enrollment in african- american studies will be suspended, but the department will continue...
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in san jose, tiffani tofani, update news..." next week ...san jose's minimum wage law goes into effect. workers in the bay area's largest city must be paid at least 10 dollars an hour. we looked at how that may affect local businesses and their workers. " amanda fraga is a student at san jose state university and an employee at "circle a", a skateboard shop in downtown san jose. fraga earns 9.25 now and will be getting 10 dollars with the minimum wage increase. but she worries about the effect on her employer. sot: (amanda fraga, marketing junior) "i think it hurts a lot of people, especially in san jose, you know that have a lot of mom and pop shops" fraga says she fears that "circle a" will struggle with the increase. so the owner of the skate shop says since most of his customers are students "circle a" cannot afford to raise prices. surrounding businesses like rosie's posies flower shop and camera cinema twelve say that students are their target audience. but the co-founder of camera
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cinemas, dennis skaggs says: skaggs didn't talk to us on camera but wrote in an article "... the actual minimum wage increases to a small business owner are huge." still some students at san jose state university are excited about the minimum wage increase. sot: "... "i think its like a good effort, you know... for like the city to try to improve living wages"" the minimum wage increase is a ballot measure created three years ago by an s-j-s-u student organization. senior elisha st. laurent is a member of that group. elisha st. laurent, sociology and behaviora science senior "we care about small business, we care about people who own things, we know that they need to survive just as much as we need to survive"" while san jose is the only city in santa clara county
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to have a 10 dollar minimum wage the student group is working on a similar law for the county. thousands gathered at the san jose's hp pavilion on thursday to celebrate the life and work of two santa cruz officers killed in the line of duty. saushe young was on the scene.
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the largest gun buyback in south bay history was held a few days ago and it attracted both gun sellers and opponents of the program. " nat so 1,116 guns were purchased
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and collected at the gun buyback event at the santa clara fair grounds in san jose where people lined up early to sell their unwanted guns. i think it will get off the street some guns that people don't need. i'm not a gun nut, i have other guns at home, these are just one that i want to get rid off. forty-seven of the guns were assault weapons, 479 handguns, 355 rifles and 235 shotguns. it was the third largest gun buy back in the nation... one hundred fourteen thousand dollars paid out. while some people left happy others stood outside opposing the distruction of these guns. they said this was a waste of their tax dollars sotw we've already seen wwii relics being turned in i've seen 22 that can be used by scouts in training. there are a lot of valuable guns that are going to be destroyed when honest legal citizens would like to purchase them and put them in safe storage. all of this adds to the current debate over gun control in this country. sott
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the idea behind gun buy back is to just overall reduce the prevalence of guns in our society. these have a very marginal impact on the amount of guns in our society that again there are so many that you would need a lot of gun buy backs to reduce the amount of weapons." the sheriffs office said the guns were taken to an undisclosed location by a scrap metal recycling company to get melted down and be recycled. faculty and staff of sjsu deparment received training this week on what to do if a shooter comes on campus. update news reporter bobby dupree reports that the training was pretty much common sense. " university police use this training video by the houston police department to demonstrate what could happen here on our campus the video explains how to make the right descions to protect the safety of yourself and those around you. we're coming, the police department will respond, but you know, you might be on your own for a few minutes here and there and you're gonna have to do some things, based on the information that you have
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and make some personal decisions about your own safety. the journalism and mass communication department held its active shooter training wednesday afternoon. jmc faculty and staff met in a conference room to hear from upd, watch the training video, and discuss how the department will respond in an active shooter situation.d departments on campus are increasingly requesting these trainings so that if there's ever a shooter on campus and you're stuck in a classroom like this, the faculty will know exactly what to do. i've never done anything like that before, and i've never done a self defense class or anything like that, so for me this was a little outside of my realm of experience so that's probably part why i think that it's a good thing that i did it. some students believe these these training sessions can help improve the saefty of students. i'm sad that they have to do it, well not necessarily have to it, but that they are pushed to do it for situations. i think it's a good thing. if it's gonna make the students and the faculty and everyone on school safer, then yeah i think everyone should do it. bottom line is that the training focuses on three possible options if a gunman came on campus. run. hide. fight.
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a breakthrough in the fight against aids. a baby born with hiv has been cured of the virus, according to a study by johns hopkins university. it's being called a functional cure because the virus was deemed inactive but not totally destroyed. although mothers in the united states are usually screened for hiv before giving birth, this discovery could have an impact in developing nations where many babies are born with the virus. researchers are planning further tests to see if more babies can be cured using this method.
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the valley transit authority is proposing a new way for how the light rail trains travel through downtown san jose. update news reporter chris chandler is live on campus with a look on whether the plans could impact sjsu students. chris...... less than a mile away from the s-j-s-u campus, plans are forming that could change the way students ride public transportation. " there's already a light rail station here at san jose's historic st. james park, but there could be even more trains passing through if the v-t-a has its way. the proposal would turn the st. james stop into a transit station, which would involve adding extra rails to facilitate a larger volume of trains. "we completed a lightrail systems analysis, which looked at where our system is under-performing, and where we have opportunities to speed up light rail, increase the frequency of transit, and better serve santa clara county." the park, which has been around since the 1880's, has a storied history, and locals feel the new rails are an unwanted addition.
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"they are needed, but only the amount that's here, and they are used, and as far as any other rails that are needed. i don't see a requirement of any rails, and i'm out here seven days a week." still, the v-t-a insists the proposal will have a positive impact. "this facility is one option that would be used for passing trains, actually we would not be parking trains on the new facility." so how does this move affect san jose state students? here at the paseo de san antonio light rail station, sjsu's main stop, st. james is only three blocks away. that means students who ride northbound trains toward alum rock or mountain view to get home would experience the effects of this siderail every time they ride. "it is kind of a shame, but to accommodate the amount of people who are traveling the lightrails, because sometimes in the evenings and the morning it gets too tough to stand in the trains. so considering the amount of people who are taking the lightrail, it
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makes sense."" the proposal is not yet solidified, but if all goes according to plan, the light rail expansion is scheduled to conclude in 2017. live on campus, i'm chris chandler, update news. when we return reporter sean wince will review the number one movie at the box office. also we will look at a new food menu on campus. but first we ask students should ethnic study classes still be taught on campus? " i think one of the best things about coming to college is being able to choose what you wanna learn. ethnic studies courses aren't avaliable in many high schools. so i think it's really cool to actually be able to come and learn your own history in college. i acually think its a good idea to have ethnic studies classes and have an insight in different peoples background. i think we should cause just studying only general american history is not enough because we are a multi-clutural society.
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i suppose if the enrollment is low you know, and theres not many people going to schoo.l for it, then i dont think it's warrented. i think we should. ethnic diversity is a important part of san jose state culture in general. we have a very diverse campus. i feel like we should have outlets for every group to study what they want to study." a lot of activities on campus this week....tiffani tofani has a recap of all the arts and entertainment events. thanks melody a lot of things are going on in the world of arts and entertainment! there's a new chef at san jose state and update news reporter, megan rodriguez, got a tasty inside look. " nat sound- chopping food
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if you eat on campus, chef mario deluca decides what's on the menu. the sandwiches at just below, and the burgers, salads and breakfast dishes at the student union are all his creations. chef deluca has been satisfying spartan appetites for the last three months. "i was born and raised in chicago, i grew up and lived there for 25 years. i was working in santana row, i did some work with hewlett packard and now i'm here at san jose state." the new student union cafeteria will feature menus that chef deluca has personally customized for san jose state students. he calls them healthier options. "we're gonna have everything from a pizza station to a pasta station. i'm also working on a new breakfast menu and a mongolian grill concept as well. also sense i've been here i've revised all the catering plated options as well as the catering buffet options for our lunches that we do on campus." chef deluca also over sees all the catering on campus and the king library cafe. some students are enjoying the taste of the chefs work.
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chris connelly"it's really good, it's really fresh, all the ingredients are really fresh. sandwiches are always really tasty, really filling, they always have a lot of really good options so there's usually something for everyone there i would say." with all the hard work being put into the meals here on campus they definitely are worth a try. outside just below, i'm megan rodriguez, update news." it was a night of dancing and extravagant costumes tuesday at the event center. world-renowned dj tiesto's "club life college invasion tour" made a stop on campus. many students waited in line for hours just to get a glimpse of dj tiesto perform live. there was other performances from dj's alvaro, quintino, and tommy trash. many on-campus organizations used this opportunity to sell drinks & snacks to the dressed up concertgoers. students were excited to watch the show. " i was gonna see him at edc but his set got cancelled due to the wind storm so yeah i didn't get
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to see him there, but it's like a rave, the whole school's gonna be here. i go to raves all the time but i don't go to raves with all my friends so they're all gonna be here today, so it's gonna be a great time for sjsu." the performance was originally scheduled for october 18th however tuesday's performance was one of fourteen shows around the united states that dj tiesto rescheduled due to a back injury. jack the giant slayer was released in theaters last weekend, but update news sean wince explains why the film was a giant disappointment. " here's my main complaint with the movie. when you've got a classic fairy tale like jack and the beanstalk and you're gonna add crazy elements to it like an army of giants that wanna come down the beanstalk and wreak havoc on the human race because they're thirsty for revenge, that movie should be a lot more epic than it was in the theater. basically, this was a kinda boring movie, geared towards kids. you know there's a lot of cheesy romance. to be honest, not a lot of action. the premise of jack the giant slayer shouldlead to a way better movie than this
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actually was. so that's why i'm mainly disappointed, was because there was so much potential in this that they could have exploited better for this film. and bryan singer just, i don't know if he wasn't skilled enough for this, or if he just wasn't into the project as much. you know what, let's get peter jackson to direct jack the giant slayer, and then maybe we might be talking, alright. but as it stands, jack the giant slayer, not a particularly good movie. you know, kids might like it. but for an adult who is looking for an actual mature take on the story jack and the beanstalk, this is not it. this is not the movie you're looking for. overall, i'd have to give this movie three magic beans out of five. it's only okay, not
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really worth your money, but you know, kids might like it and it might be a good date movie, if you're both kinda drunk, i don't know. long story short, don't go see it unless you really have to." peer connections is a group of sjsu students looking to enhance the on campus experience for fellow students through mentorship and tutoring. the mentors host workshops for freshman and transfer students on campus resources...they give advice about academic and social life...and find tutors for specific subjects. " "a lot of peer connections is based on getting first year students, getting them adjusteds to san jose state but we're no branching out to help transfer students get adjusted too, because we've found that when transfer students come, theyy are lost, they don't know where to go."" the peer mentors office is located at the main entrance of clark hall. there is also another office located inside the students services center.
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more than fifty men and women gathered at martin luther king's library wednesday afternoon to celebrate international women's day. five visiting afghan professors spoke of the progress women are making in afghanistan as well as the problems they face. each professor focused on a subject, journalism professor laily habib, spoke about women's role in the afghanistan media. " >>sot security is a big problem for them for example they can, can't go a trip alone, they have to go with a man, you know. one providence to another providence for coverage." other topics discussed were women's role in education and politics. media law professor maria raheen says afghan politics now has greater women involvement. today there are 69 women in her country's parliament. but the professors agree that there is much more to be done for women in afghanistan. it's action for an on campus movie studio that very few students even knew existed.
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update news reporter ashley cunha found out more about these aspiring filmmakers. " the film is "always learning," a production by spartan films which is made up of san jose state students. the sjsu film studio began in 2007. the students get hands-on experience writing, producing, organizing and filming full-feature movies. this week "always learning" was previewed at cinequest to a large crowd at the san jose repertory theater. spartan film studios co-founder nick martinez says the studio gives novice student filmmakers a chance to learn the ropes of the movie business and pushes them in ways other film classes cannot. martinez: "the best part about it is seeing and giving real-world experience to students. and that's the...the name is great: spartan film studios. but the reality of it is we're putting out high-quality studio work with students. and we're giving them real-world experience, the same time giving them access to industry." the other founder of spartan films, barnaby dallas, says the students also help
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create various non-movie related projects like commercials and fundraiser spots. dallas: "it's an ongoing process. it actually never stops. people think it started up in the summer and we make a movie but we actually make projects all year." the studio is actively involved in submitting its work to film festivals similar to cinequest, and just this week recovers some great news. dallas: "'always learning' just won the rising star award at the canadian international film festival, wish is one of the biggest deals we've ever had." ashley cunha: "students don't have to go too far to watch a spartan films production.t their 2010 production, "super hero party clown," is actually available to stream on netflix directly to you. and with the success of of this years film 'always learning,' who knows how big our on-campus studio will become. reporting in san jose, i'm ashley cunha. update news.""
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acting legend harrison ford graced san jose this weekend as he accepted a maverick spirit award at the 23rd annual cinequest film festival, update news reporter monique coble has more on the story. " you may know him as the rebel against the galactic empire han solo or the fearless indiana jones... but to the guests who attended cinequest film festival's maverick spirit award ceremony. he was just harrison ford the superstar actor who packed the california theater. "i was a philosophy and english major and um a very poor student." ford was presented with the maverick spirit award. "we thank you for the way you've lifted so many hearts and inspiring so many minds, here across the silicon valley and across the globe, thank you" during a question and answer
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session with filmmaker jennifer sibel newsom; where ford opened up about his life and his choices in roles. "i saw something that said drama, and i read, i didn't finish reading the whole course description because at the very end they said that you had to participate at school plays and appear in school, uh plays. which i've never done before in my life" now he's done memorable roles throughout his career; the latest will be in an upcoming film called '42''. which tells a story of jackie robinson, the first african american major league baseball player. ironically, has also become an american legend himself. i'm monique coble, in san jose, update news." and thats it for arts and entertainment...back to you guys.
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when we come back reporter monique coble gives us the latest details on san jose state mens basketball team, as they wind down their season. but first we ask san jose state students. how will daylight saving time affect them. " daylight savings will defiantly affect me, i always lose track of time already as it is so i gotta remember to set back my clock or i'm gonna be late to all my classes for sure. honestly, i wake up at 5 am on mondays, so its gonna have me waking up earlier and thats gonna have me going to bed earlier too even though we get more daylight. i think it would kinda just suck because we get less sleep that day but i mean i think it'll be better just because it will get darker later and thats like better for people who live off campus, like me for example. well the first like few days its kinda tough to get used to it but it is better because i would and i usually work late, so the suns out later, which is better for me to walk home.
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i think i'll lose a hour of sleep. not a big fan of waking up early so i'm not looking foward to much." we have monique coble here for sports...what is new monique? well guys we have a lot of sports, so lets get to it. at the top of the show it was mentioned that the men's basketball game was cancelled because the event center roof was leaking, we've now learned that the game against university of texas at san antonio will not be rescheduled. the team had been hoping to finish the season with a win and this is the lastest set back in a season of adversity. the spartans are 3-13 in the wac conference and 9-18 overall. " "i think just making sure that we stay focused on our team and nothing on he outside" "we try to do the little things in practice and in games to encourage our guys and stay positive as we
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can"" it hasn't been the best year with a losing record and the future of next season uncertain. the spartans final home game is saturday march 9th at 7:00pm in the event center. college football season is seven months away... but the spartan football team is already on the practice field. the teams first full pad scrimmage is this weekend.. the spartans are hoping to continue the success of last season. the team finished the 2012 season with eleven wins and two losses and went on to win the military bowl. " spring practice has been good, we have been out here just learning the new system on offense and defense. the defense is getting adjusted to their new scheme and the offense has been just learning new terminology and everything and everyone has just been flying around.. having fun and stuff so it's been good." spartan football is putting its future in the hands of new head coach ron caragher. thirteen starters are returning from last season.. the san jose state women's swimming and diving team repeated for the second
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straight year as the western athletic conference champions. at the wac championships in san antonio, texas. the spartans won with a score of six-hundred-ninty-five to hold off second-place northern arizona who finished seven points behind in the nine team championship. sjsu's marisa dewames captured the 50 freestyle for the second year in a row. ashlyn acosta set a new school record in the two hundred yard butterfly. sjsu coach sage hopkins was named wac coach of the year for the second straight season. and that is it for this week in sports. back to you guys! that'll do it for now. thanks for watching. be sure to check us out on facebook by searching 's-j-s-u update news.' we'll see you again next week.
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